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Our Mission

  • To boost confidence level of students & to strengthen subject comprehension
  • To help students overcome academic challeneges and lead them to independent learning

Vasudev Gupta

(M.Sc IT)

  • Renowned name among the students of secondary classes for classroom management combined with effective discipline for more than 20 years.
  • Sincerely devoted to uplift the level of weak students.
  • Pay emphasis on building strong foundation of the students.
  • Communicate with parents proactively from the beginning and give stress on parental involvement in their child’s education by let them knowing what’s going in the class.

Our methodology of teaching

  • Evaluation test of each chapter finished.
  • Problem solving session before test.
  • Assignment of each chapter is given which is finally discussed in the class.
  • Mock tests are conducted to prepare for final Examinations.
  • Syllabus is completed well in time before each semester.
  • Chapter-wise evaluation tests for final examinations.
  • Parents are informed time to time if their ward does not perform well.
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